Promise 1

The fifth generation of the Weinman family is now responsibly leading Original Designs / ODI into the next era. This leadership is committed to continue the legacy of previous generations by providing our customer with the best employees in the industry and a family tradition that will always provide the customer with value-added intangibles, in everything we do.

Therefore, we at Original Designs pledge to you, our customer, that to the best of our ability, you can always expect:

  1. Added value in every item we produce.
  2. Consistency of product, in both diamonds and finishing.
  3. New styling and innovative ideas throughout the year.
  4. Customer Service that will eagerly respond to all of your needs.
  5. A sincere desire to understand "your" specific needs and challenges.
  6. To actively cultivate our relationship, making you feel like a part of our extended family.
  7. To exceed your expectations by providing you with excellence in everything we do.
  8. Strict adherence to all U.S. laws and regulations governing the production and sale of jewelry.
  9. Adherence to the guidelines and procedures of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC); conducting ourselves in accordance with the Best Practice Principles (BPP) of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC); abiding by the guidelines set forth by the World Diamond Council with respect to the Kimberly Process; conforming to all relevant laws and regulations of the Patriot Act.
  10. To always remember that our continuing Heritage and Commitment to the industry form the essence of our Promise to you, our customer.

Promise 2